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Becoming a Basecon partner is more than a job; it’s a complete lifestyle upgrade.

As a partner, you gain back control of your work-life, are free to work your own hours, schedule your own holidays and earn more income.

You’re afforded financial and lifestyle freedom. Be rewarded for your time and effort not someone else.

Starting Your Own Successful Business

Our program has come from over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Our team understand the constant pressure of the volume builder lifestyle, the countless hours on the phone after your days are supposed to be done, the overwhelming pressure of hitting deadlines which, if missed, begin to flow into the next day’s work and budget.

But the construction industry doesn’t need to be like that. We offer a supportive stage 1 construction management where you have full control. We’ve simplified the process making it easy to meet timelines. We have systems and structures that allow you to perform your own hours on your own time, giving back your freedom to live your life.

If you have any experience within the construction industry, we guarantee you’ll understand our product immediately.

How It Works

Are you worried about the risks involved with starting your own business? At Basecon, we eliminate that risk. Our training and support systems are set up to make it as easy as possible to start.

We have designed a system and training program to teach you everything you need to succeed. Our pre-training, setup, and support systems are second to none, from admin, job allocation, quoting, customer service, bookkeeping and more. We handle all the tasks that are typically hurdles to an entrepreneur so you can focus on growing your business and regaining your freedom.

We partner with you, and your success is also ours.

How We Support You

Starting from scratch is scary but not when you have the right support to succeed. We will be with you every step of the way, building your business from the ground up.

What we do

What you do

Locations Australia-wide

We operate Australia-wide and have a community of like-minded partners supporting each other to grow.

Be your own boss.
Improve your work-life balance.
Partner with a proven & successful business.

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